Writing Skills

Most of us were taught how to write in school. We may also have been taught grammar and how to write a letter or a report. However, writing a book is something entirely different. The grammar you learned while preparing yourself for the world of business reports, dissertations, CVs or letters to potential employers is quite different to that needed to write a novel. Some of the rules you learned are useful, others not so. Fiction also has its own grammar and rules, which if one doesn’t understand, can kill a book on the first page.

With 70,000,000 different titles currently listed on Amazon’s virtual shelves, breaking through as a new author is becoming harder. These days, engaging writing is everything.

In addition, you will learn the importance of the opening pages and how to ensure you grab your reader from the very first line. Kindle Look Inside has changed the way books are bought, with readers now able to short-list and sample a number of books before committing to buy. Learn how to make yours the irresistible choice.

Sessions will include

  • How to structure a book
  • Plot Arcs and Character Arcs
  • Conflict Loops and how they grab reader attention
  • How to open your book
  • Point of View
  • Grammar for Fiction Writers
  • Creating Realistic dialogue
  • Creating scenes which engage readers
  • Creating action scenes
  • Handling sex scenes
  • Creating strong characters

We are booking now for March 16 – 20th 2020

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