Creative non-fiction

Whether you are looking to write a memoir, an essay, a travelogue, a work of popular science or a self-help book, this course can help you.

How can you bring intriguing places and experiences alive for your readers? How do you make specialist knowledge appeal to the layperson? How can you give an essay a resonant opening and a varied structure? How can you make your language lively and alluring while staying faithful to the facts you want to report?

These are just some of the questions that the creative non-fiction course can explore. The creative non-fiction course will give you the time and space to improve your work while benefiting from the input of the course leader and your course companions.

Courses will be structured according to the needs of the participants and can include:

  • travel writing
  • memoir
  • popular science writing
  • essays
  • history writing

During the course we will read extracts from authors such as essayists Hans Rosling and Oliver Sacks; science writers Stephen Jay Gould and Stephen Hawking; historian Mary Beard; memoirist Diana Athill and travel writers Jan Morris and Wilfried Thesiger.

Our Non-Fiction courses are always popular so early registration is recommended.

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