Write to Publish

Write to publish

Many people write simply for their own personal pleasure and with no desire to see their work out in the world.

For others, the goal is a book which is read and enjoyed by the greatest number of people. If this is you, then the ‘Write to Publish’ course will be of particular interest.

This is highly condensed course for those authors who aim to write a book with the goal of publishing and creating sales.

A Commissioning Editor from Mirador Publishing will be running some of the sessions to give you real life help from inside the industry

Sessions will include:

  • Creating a concept that will sell
  • Planning your book
  • Reader Engagement and why it matters
  • Disciplined writing
  • Writing a synopsis which grabs interest
  • What do publishers look for?
  • How to approach agents and Publishers
  • Writing Query Letters
  • Creating a Marketing Plan
  • Promoting your book
  • Social Media for authors

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