Travel writing

During this indoor and outdoor course you will explore the mountains, monuments and museums of Andalusia and use them to inspire your writing work.

Travel Writing CoursesHow can you develop your personal voice while remaining focused on the places and people you are visiting? How can you seamlessly incorporate historical research? In a crowded marketplace, how can you make your travel writing stand out? How can you effectively pitch your ideas to publishers and magazine editors?

Trips each morning will inform your writing each afternoon. Excursions include:

  • walks through the Alpujarran ‘white villages’
  • a writing day in Orgiva Museum including a Q&A session with the owner, who proudly traces his ancestry back to the Nazarid Moorish rulers of Granada in the 16th century
  • a day trip to Granada with writing sessions in the Alhambra grounds and Carlos V palace
  • a writing session in an abandoned village
  • experiments with ‘psychogeography’, which explores the intertwining of our geographical surroundings, behaviour and emotions

We will read excerpts from writers including DH Lawrence, Jan Morris, Wilfred Thesiger, Bill Bryson, Richard Mabey, Gerald Brenan, Laurie Lee and Bruce Chapman.

By the end of the course you will have a collection of short pieces, a range of techniques to use in your travel writing and enhanced ideas of where to pitch your work.

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