Start Writing That Book

Facing the Blank Page

It is said that everybody has a book in them. However, very few will actually even start writing it, let alone create a finished book. We can always find an excuse to start another day or convince ourselves we lack the basic talent necessary.

The good news is, writing a book is not as daunting as it may appear. With a good mentor, avoiding the time-costly mistakes of most new authors is simple.

Like all new skills, it is always preferable to learn directly from those who are recognised professionals and successful in their field rather than trust to individuals who may have impressive credentials in other industries but are unproven in the area which one wishes to learn.

This course is run by professional and successful writers. You will learn how to avoid the classic mistakes of the new writer and move quickly to being a competent author in your own right.

We will teach you how to use MS Word as an author and how to layout your manuscript.

If you have ever caught yourself saying, “I really want to write a book,” then this is the course for you. If your friends have ever told you, “You should write your memoirs, it would make a fantastic book,” but you didn’t know where to start, then this is the perfect place.

We will discuss how to tighten your ideas into a coherent structure. We will help you plan your project so that you don’t run out of either enthusiasm or story halfway through. We will show how to adopt a professional approach to working on a book.

Most importantly, you will actually start writing your book during the course. And by the time you say your goodbyes to your new writer friends, you will have the basics down and a plan to follow right through to publication.

We are now booking for 6 – 10th April 2020

This will be held at the magnificent Hotel Taray Botánico in the Alpujarras of Southern Spain.

The course is on a Bed & Breakfast basis and lunch or dinner can be provided by the hotel at your request. Airport transfers can be arranged if necessary.

Prices are based on single occupancy. Discounts are available for two sharing.

The cost of this course is £975 including accommodation, all course materials and breakfast.

SPECIAL OFFER for the first people to book, there will be a 10% discount making the price only £877 for the first release of registrations.

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