Practical Writing

Science Fiction giant, Jerry Pournelle, once wrote that new writers should aim to throw away their first million words, they’re just practise. Maybe that is valid, maybe not. What we do know, is that the art of writing takes a lot of practise. However, that practise needs to be directed towards improvement otherwise the next million will be no better than the first.

Practical Writing is a course aimed at improving and honing fiction writing skills. Amazon currently list over 60,000,000 different titles on their virtual shelves and with the advent of Kindle Look Inside, your book needs to engage your potential reader quickly or they will move on to the next one.

Your book is in a fierce battle. Over half of the books on Amazon have never sold a single copy, to ensure your book is not one of them, your opening pages need to grab and hold the reader’s attention.

Through a unique system known as Conflict Loops, you will learn how to construct a narrative which immediately engages the reader and keeps them reading. We will help you to understand the tricks and techniques used by top writers in books, TV and Film which keep their audiences hooked.

The world of books and writing constantly changes and we all have a bewildering choice of entertainment options for our precious leisure time. TV, Streaming, Video Games, Social Media. Books today have more competition than ever and writing styles which worked well in the past are not going to compete with the massive demands on people’s free time and the choices they make.

“You cannot be an author today, using the tools of yesterday, and expect to be an author tomorrow.”

We will concentrate on a series of practical writing exercises and projects, each aimed at improving your skills in different areas. You will gain valuable feedback from your fellow participants and learn how to spot ways to improve your own writing. Covering all areas from basic grammar to creating complex characters who come alive on the page, the goal here is to hone and perfect skills through guided projects.

Some of the subjects covered on this course:

  • Conflict Loops & how to use them
  • Creating Three Dimensional Characters
  • Depth of Point of View
  • Bringing Minor Characters to Life
  • Realistic Dialogue
  • Your Opening Scene
  • Plot Arcs, Story Arcs and Character Arcs

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What should I bring?

Our next Practical Writing Course will be held in early March 2nd 2020. This is a five-day residential course and will take place at the wonderful Hotel Taray Botánico in the Alpujarras of Southern Spain. Places are strictly limited so early registration is advised.

Early registration gives a 10% discount on the listed price and is only available for a very limited time.

Registering your interest for the course is free and does not commit you. We will contact you closer to the time and ask you to confirm then.

The course is on a Bed & Breakfast basis and lunch or dinner can be provided by the hotel at your request. Airport transfers can be arranged if necessary.

Prices are based on single occupancy. Discounts are available for two sharing.

The normal cost of this course is £975 including accommodation, all course materials and breakfast.

The Early Bird price is only £877 for the first release of registrations.

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