Here is the list of our current courses

Write to Publish

Many people write simply for their own personal pleasure and with no desire to see their work out in the world. For others, the goal is a book which is read and enjoyed by the greatest number of people. If this is you, then the ‘Write to Publish’ course will be of particular interest. Read More

The New Author’s Survival Course

For this course only, we are offering this at a massive 50% discount. This is a special promotion for the launch of this course and due to the high level of one-to-one coaching in some sessions, numbers are strictly limited. It doesn’t matter at what stage your career, all that matters is your desire to make a success in writing books. The course will cover all the key areas necessary in both writing and marketing your book. If your goal is to be a published author, then this course will help. If your goal is to be a published author who actually sells books, then this course will be invaluable. And it could save you years of expensive mistakes. Read More

Self Publishing Hands-On

The world of publishing has changed forever. Self Publishing is now no longer seen as the poor cousin of ‘Real Publishing’. With more and more successful traditionally published authors abandoning their publishers in favour of going it alone, Self Publishing is now the method of choice for many. Read More

Writing Skills

Most of us were taught how to write in school. We may also have been taught grammar and how to write a letter or a report. However, writing a book is something entirely different. The grammar you learned while preparing yourself for the world of business reports, dissertations, CVs letters to potential employers is quite different to that needed to write a novel. Read More

Practical Writing

Science Fiction giant, Jerry Pournelle, once wrote that new writers should aim to throw away their first million words, they’re just practise. Maybe that is valid, maybe not. What we do know is that the art of writing takes a lot of practise. However, that practise needs to be directed towards improvement otherwise the next million will be no better than the first. Read More

Start Writing That Book

It is said that everybody has a book in them. However, very few will actually even start writing it, let alone create a finished book. We can always find an excuse to start another day or convince ourselves we lack the basic talent necessary.

If you have ever caught yourself saying, “I really want to write a book,” then this is the course for you. If your friends have ever told you, “You should write your memoirs, it would make a fantastic book,” but you didn’t know where to start, then this is the perfect place. Read More

Non Fiction

More and more people are looking to write their memoirs, record trips to fantastic places or write books on their specialist knowledge to help educate others.

Non Fiction writing is a challenging art to master. How does one make it interesting and vibrant? The rules of grammar for Non Fiction are also subtly different to those of Fiction, offering different challenges for the new writer. Our Non Fiction courses are always popular so early registration is recommended. Read More

Travel Writing

Explore the mountains, monuments and museums of Andalusia and use them to inspire your writing work. Learn how you can develop your personal voice while remaining focused on the places and people you are visiting.

How can you make your travel writing stand out? How can you effectively pitch your ideas to publishers and magazine editors? Read More