“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

 Benjamin Franklin

Professional writing skills trainingWrite-Away Spain is based on one simple principle, If one wants to learn a skill, it is always best to learn from those who make their living using that skill.

As such, our course leaders are each professionals in their fields.

When you come on one of our Writing Retreats, you will be working with people who are actively making their living in the subjects they lead. To us, track record is important

For example, the sessions on how to write books, are led by writers who make their living as professional authors. The sessions on publishing, are led by a publisher’s commissioning editor. The sessions on English Grammar are led by an English Language teacher. The sessions on how to use Social Media are led by a professional who works with authors every day building their Social Media presence.

And so on.

It’s a simple principle, and one often overlooked but it’s what makes our courses unique.

There are many writing courses offered by part-time writers and no doubt, some of them are good and much can be learned from them. But how is one to judge the effectiveness of a tutor if not by their own results?

You can check our main Course Leaders here. Other tutors are brought in for specific sessions.